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Good Afternoon PBBans Staff and Members


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Afternoon all,


I first hope with my limited access I am posting in the correct area. If not I apologize for my for not reading the guidelines. I would also like to apologize for my ignorance in not frequenting these forums and site. From what I see and hear, it is nothing but professional and community based.


I am a the founder of Combat Life Savers, we have had in existance for some time now, a new site for background searches and Ban checks against the top 4 AC's, plus many more features for our members was created by myself and a few select AA community members. I have been building our DB for the Repo Depot soley on donated logs from friends and server admins from all AC's. We show nothing but "name-guid-IP" on our backgrounds and donot get into kicks.


This method was useful and appreciated and soley based on the voluntary log donations received to date. Our DB holds approx 1.5 million AA account guid.




So where are we.... :)


I have with some headaches :blink: now have in place an official evenbalance punkbuster repository. I wish to be able to give the option to the AA community to stream their logs to the Repo Depot as well. I have for years been only familiar with the olde streaming command method, again another fault of mine. I am presently googling and researching the back and bone of how to's, etc. That is it basically in a nutshell....


I would like the AA Repo Depot to be part of this community and PBBans HUB.


Thank you for your time and consideration and input you could offer me.





Dean Schultz

Repo Depot Founder

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Hi Airborne and Welcome to PBBans :D


You have indeed entered into a professional and community based site and the methods of protection we offer admins are at the cutting edge of Anti Cheat.


Please look around some more and enjoy your visits,


Your request will be discussed and a decision made shortly I am certain.


In the mean time, make yourself at home and continue looking around :) Consider streaming your servers here :P B)









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Thanks for the gracious welcome and I will indeed have alook around. I also patiently await your consideraation of my request.


I feel we can never have to many resources to offer to our server admins and to the AA community as a whole. We need more of this in our conrinued fight against cheats/hacks.



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