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A Question on Public Server Bans....


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Here is (to me) an odd question about Public Server Bans. I happened to hop into one, and of course, with the lead flying and people having the ability to always find me, and almost never miss, I pulled a couple of demos after speccing them. (I am thorough, or try to be, watching them at least 2 rounds BEFORE demo'ing, to see repeatable oddities)


This post is actually a few questions in one. So, I did not speak to anyone, no chat, just specced and demo'd, only to get kicked off (no explanation) and then Permanently Banned by this server in question. That does not bother me, what bothered me was the fact that the so-called "clan" members were doing amazing things, and I think at least one of them detected me doing a demo, as the first demo I did: did not record at all. The second and third DID record however. (Possibly just my CoD2 didn't record, never figured that out)


So, that said, it leaves me to believe that there is the distinct possibility of Aimbots that either report someone speccing to the player in question, or as I have heard, when you demo someone, the program in question may or may not provide false screenshots.


So the questions are:

Is it possible to catch someone speccing and demo'ing someone else, and if so, even though I am 110% pure, provide a permanent ban?


Can Server Admins knock off players speccing/demo'ing after they detect it?

(coincidentally, after Demo 1, I jumped out of server, back in, did Demo 2, only to find the player in question totally changing tactics to "camper", and not moving, or firing, as if he detected me, then came the Temp, then Perm. Ban, oddly enough, not 5 minutes later)


Can Aimbots/Hackers (the more sophisticated ones) provide false demo images?


Do Bots/Hacks come with Ping Compensation, not to pre-fire on target, but is it possible to INCREASE your lag time to compensate for "extraordinary" ability? (I actually just watched a conversation on increasing lag time to "seem" normal, but still do the "edge" of amazing things)


Understanding the only reason I even demo'd the clan member in question originally was the 75+ kills, and amazing shots, in less than a few minutes, not to mention the typical Aimbotter attitude they don't realize, which is John Wayne style, and walking into a spawnpoint, killing 15+ guys and never dying. A real "duh" to me. The only repeatable oddity to me is when I am doing pings of only 30-50 and guys that are pulling 250+ somehow nail me AS they round a corner on my screen. (I wonder if the Aimbot makes them "move" so fast that before visual contact, they can fire at the very edge of the physical "wall" parameters). Plus, I have ONE QUARTER their ping time, but amazingly, 5 guys cannot hit them (I keep seeing this over and over). Nothing like headshots from a Luger from 300 yards, trust me, at my best with a Berretta or Colt ACP, I never got past 50 yards, much less 300m with a wore out 'Nam A1 M-16.


Yes, I do understand that any lag of my own has to be considered, and it has been, but certain players, and REPEATABLE feats does make one wonder, and in SPECIFIC servers.


Sorry, I served in the first Desert Storm, and these kids really DO kill a good game, hands down.

No wonder these kids get so frustrated, and then end up cheating to get the cheaters!

I could only wonder about a 15 year old that works THAT hard to get a hack running, can you imagine if they worked at the Pentagon or for Lockheed/Martin? Geeze.........


I just remember my low pings on the servers I play, then do the Chicken Sideways Dance, and with any luck, I might get them. If nothing else, I can truly say it might irritate them indeed.......


Any help you can give, I would certainly appreciate it!

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