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How do I get PBBans to stream to my server?


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I have a COD4 Server rev 1.5 on Gamespy.com and would like to stream as many different processess PBBans streams to screen bots and hackers off my server.


Maybe I am dumb, I thought I would come to the site, file an application for this service, then one foot in front of the other type thing.


Is it more complicated? You at PBBans have all my contact and peronal information. You said you needed a web page and did my best to get you one, I could not get it to come up, I have only had the server a couple months and traffic is very low.


My tech support is currently closed but if you absolutely need a web page, I can give you that one. I have called them and posted pics to sell stuff on e-bay on it so know it is there and works.


That also affects the tag, I mean I listed |Mc| which is what our team will use if we ever get a team, right now it is me and my son.


Sure would like your help badly.



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