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server streaming but

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my server is streaming but it seems ot stop about every other day or so. its streaming now as i post this how come i cant go. in the private forums im a server admin and i thought i could when i first set this up. ive got my own server its streaming im an admin



any help be aperciated

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Your server is streaming at the moment - and your account upgraded :) But if your server is empty for an extended period of time it may stop streaming.

To send a heartbeat to the Hub just add this line to your task list - this way the server will stream even if it is empty for a long time.


 pb_sv_task 0 7200 pb_sv_ver


Cheers :)



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hey thanks for the info ill also be adding another user admin some time today aswell. he may post and have some ?s ill give him all the info. does he make his account first and then i add him as a user or ?

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