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windows vista sp1


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Not sure if I should post this "general PC issues" or in "Off Topic".. I guess its both.

But here is it.. A ad made for internal use at Microsoft's salesteam.


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As in not approved by Bruce and this is YouTube you can do whatever you want :)

Norwegian: Ekke noe offisielt fra Brucer'n dette da, mest sannsynlig noen som har slengt sammen en video.

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Well I don't believe this is made Microsoft at all actually, some prankster on the loose most likely hehe...

But if made by them then it is just to sad...

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Im not sure who I shall blame... But if I had to pull the trigger at someone, i would shoot Microsoft in the neck.


But to be honest.. RIP Danny Federici. The e street band will never be the same without you..




"Danny and I worked together for 40 years - he was the most wonderfully fluid keyboard player and a pure natural musician. I loved him very much...we grew up together."


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