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One Of My Clan Members Banned


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One of my clan members was banned. There has to be some mix up with this. He changed to cable internet a few months ago and now is banned. Here is the info on it. PAPASTONED These ips and guids arent even close. This is the guid for the banned 28408be85331757154519b97f53b116d and his is guid from 4/26/2005 till 5/4/2008

is a75b3f2044875421fb91e688e2385e6c. How are these connected? Could you please explain this for me. Thank you TOXIN

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The guid supplied for you clan mate is clean and does not appear on the MBi at all.


The banned guid is for a player that goes by the alias ((THE_EXECUTIONER)) - the alias Papa $toned:']['@ does not appear on the banned players linked alias list.


What seems to have happened is that your clan member once played with an IP that was used by another player that IS on the MBi - hence the connection.


There is a disclaimer above each linked guid entry on the MPi search that states -


Linked GUIDs are based on IP addresses and therefore may not be 100% reliable as some players have dynamic IP's and often share them with other users of their ISP.


Hope this helps


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Sorry - but ti 'fix' it would require us altering our database, something that cannot and will not happen.

The information, including IP, guid and time of playing session is gathered from the logs of streaming servers. No where else.


To alter any streaming server log would nullify the work we do and the whole point of streaming servers.


Im sorry but your clan mate has a clean guid and that is obvious to anyone who searches the MPi and the banned player is not related to your clan member other than by IP - that is obvious by checking the banned guid in the MBi.


I hope this helps.



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