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Streaming Question / Concern

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I've recently decided to Stream to here, and the site I'm already streaming to. ( punksbusted ) I've currently set up a test server to test streaming, to you because I have a fairly active server, that I do not want to mess up, testing with. I have the PBBans CFGs in there and setup the server accordingly, but when I go to check if it is streaming it tells me its not. My questions are...


1. Do you have to make an account here before it streams? ( Streaming Account that is )


2. When I add it to my main server, should I use the rcon commands or is there a line out of the CFG I can add to my current one?


3. Any possiblity of telling if the test is streaming now, to make sure my work is thorough.


Thanks in advance.



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There is no reason to use a test server to "test" streaming to PBBans. It is a simple set of 8 RCON cmds and your streaming away!


1. Yes an account is needed. (Go here: http://www.pbbans.com/information.php?page=starterguide)


2. The fastest and easiest method is by RCON commands, buy you can also setup it manually.


3. The easiest way to determine if you are streaming....is follow the startup guide and let us setup your account first ;) From start to finish streaming in under 15 minutes is the average :P

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