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Depetris 1967

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Hello all,


I'm making this announcement in this forum as I figure more people will have a chance to read it after I'm done over the next few days.


I'm working on rechecking all the listed accounts here. If your account isn't validated you can email me directly at [email protected]. If you had a validated account in the past and find it's either been deleted or your access has been limited this is due to the fact that your listed information is no longer up to date. I'm giving most users here a chance and setting them to normal user. If you want access to this site still you need to update your information in your profile.


The primary Information I'm looking at is this:


1. Valid website where you need to be listed as an admin for your group or company. It is much easier if this is clearly listed as to which game your the admin for. By admin I mean capable of logging into your listed server and having access to your servers configs and logs.


2. Server IP - If you list your clans server this needs to be updated and working when I check it. If not I'll either delete your account or make you a normal user and take away your clan admin tag used here.


3. Game Played/reason for joining pbbans. This needs to be up to date. Invalid to me is I hate cheaters, or some of the other things i'm finding in that field. Game played is more important to me ultimately.


4. If I have to log into your website to view your clan status I probably won't take the time to do this and will just limit your access here. If your clan wants to keep your site locked down to non-registered users I fully understand this as my clan does the same. But you need to have your rank title status listed in a publicly accessible manner for me to be able to check it.


Ok I'll add to this as I see fit. Hope I've not offended too many people but I'm getting tired of checking and finding that the people listed here as clan admins aren't clan admins, or even listed as members of the clans they listed they were with.



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