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Setting PB on Linux server


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Hi everybody,


i have a problem with PB on my COD4 linux server. I am not sure that PB is properly installed on the server, than i don't know where to store and how to execute "pbsv.cfg" file. We also have a problem with cl_maxpackets, they are always 60 to 100 and we don't know how to change to 30 to 100, we tried everything, maybe this is connected with PB problem....


Please help me to resolve this problem. Keep in mind that we have a LINUX server :(


tnx all

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I just got done setting up a Linux server, do a manual patch job to bring the server to the current client of PB. Make sure you're using the .SO file for the LINUX server. After that log into your RCon and issue /rcon pb_sv_restart that should bring you to current. Then go ahead and RCon your server to stream to PB. As far as max_packets go, I think that's something that you can have everyone change in their own console. Hope some of this helped.

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