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kick by punkbuster


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i have a good one guy,s that have a underscore in his name can not go in to the game because day have a underscore what can we do to fix it. like this name killer_nick_12

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This var can cause trouble with names if it is set to 1.


PB_SV_ExtChar [0/1]

The default setting of 0 tells PunkBuster to disallow extended ASCII Characters in player names; for the purposes of this command, characters that cannot be easily entered with simple keystrokes are considered extended


The underscore is part of the standard ASCII table - shouldn't be a problem. What's the kickreason he can read on his screen? #111 is Bad Name (Extended ASCII Characters).


If you set it to 0 you might have some trouble if you want to kick players by name and not by slotnumber.

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