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Gameservers.net Webftp question


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hi peepz,


my friend has a sof2 server on gameservers, and gave me the login of his webftp to check the punkbuster screenshots.


my question is, is it possible to download all the screens at once ?i tryed selecting all and then hit the download button but my screen became white and nothing happened.


i also tryed to open it with a ftp program, but login details didnt work.


anyone can help me out please how to do this ?





thanks in advance :)

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You'll need a proper FTP program, one like CuteFTP (It has a demo, but eventually you'll have to pay, or do whatever...). This program will allow you to do it. However there is also FileZilla (free), not sure on it's capabilities, but more than likely to work for you :).

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i have Ipswitch WS FTP Professional


but it dont seem to work.


it says my login details are not right, i used the same as i use to login in that webftp


help please :D

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If your webFTP works with the login details. Check that you have the correct Host details set. Confirm your password and username are correct. If it still doesn't work, try re-installing it. Could be a corrupt or damaged program file.

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