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setting PBSS folder


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Hi folks,

i am not anymore a streaming Gema admin any longer coz we sut down our ranked server.

Nevertheless i am hosting a Modserver on a machine at home.

Of course i cant stream, nevertheless i ll use the mbl and i want to check PBSS ...

I got the server running now in using bf2cc, of course i got full access ...

Right now my question, i where have i to set a path where the PBSS shall be saved to?

I hoped the SS will be automatically stored to the pb/svss folder but they didnt.


Can u give me a hint where and how to set it up?

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The active PB folder is the default. Sounds like the PB folder you are seeing is not the one the game is using.


This will set the screenshot path

pb_sv_SsPath "" //[Path where screenshots are saved]



pb_sv_homepath will show where the active PB foldier is located. You will need access to the PB logs to see the results of any commands sent in BF2

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Cheerz m8, got it!

Another question is,...can i stream to the hub although my submitted PBSS wouldnt be valid, but i can get the advantage of life banning and remaing hub features?

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