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default loadout COD4


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Been googling server setups for COD4 (as i wanted to find out what the heck these modes/codes did:


[font="Courier New"]set scr_sab_hotpotato "0" [/font]

set scr_sd_multibomb "0"

set koth_kothmode "0"
set koth_spawntime "0"


set scr_oldschool_mw "0"


(if anyone can say what they are id appreciate it).


Anyway, came across this code for someones unranked server. But i was wondering if setting this up on a server would make it unranked? I.e. can you change the default kit loadouts? (as long as you pick weapons that come as standard to everyone without unlocks?)





// assault class default loadout
set class_assault_primary m4
set class_assault_primary_attachment none
set class_assault_secondary beretta
set class_assault_secondary_attachment none
set class_assault_perk1 specialty_extraammo
set class_assault_perk2 specialty_bulletdamage
set class_assault_perk3 specialty_bulletpenetration
set class_assault_grenade concussion_grenade
set class_assault_camo camo_none
set class_assault_frags 1
set class_assault_special 1

// specops class default loadout
set class_specops_primary mp5
set class_specops_primary_attachment none
set class_specops_secondary usp
set class_specops_secondary_attachment silencer
set class_specops_perk1 specialty_extraammo
set class_specops_perk2 specialty_bulletdamage
set class_specops_perk3 specialty_bulletpenetration
set class_specops_grenade flash_grenade
set class_specops_camo camo_none
set class_specops_frags 1
set class_specops_special 1

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set scr_sab_hotpotato "0"


if set to 1 then the time that remains when someone plants....and anotherone defuses the bomb is kept.....so the countdown is not reset


for the rest


as in a mod folder you can disable perks etc and select weapons for players


mine runs like that here give it a try is you want Ace Assault [uCS] 1

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