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Questions about the Repository?


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I recently asked someone to stream their server to the repository. They responded with the general questions, "Why" "What does it entail" and such. The one question that had this person concerned and hesitant about streaming his server logs was the issue with the username and password that was required. He was "assuming" that since his game server and the repository had the same username and password that somehow we would be able to get into the ftp for his game server.




The username and password are used as a security feature for the repository software. I used this example to help clear the cloudiness surrounding this myth:


Lets say a server (your game server) wanted to send some encrypted emails to another server (the repository). Your game server gathers them into packets ready for shipment and adds the identifiers to them (the username and password) and sends them on their way to the receiving server (the repository).


When this server receives these packets....it gathers them all together and looks at the identification on the label....then because it is a security threat.....it looks on its access list (the config file on the repository server) and notices that your username and password were listed. The receiving server allows the packets to be received and stored in the archives (the repository archives).


However, if the identifiers did not match then the receiving server would ignore those packets and add entries in its error logs......therefore the encrypted emails that the server (your game server) sent would not be received and stored.


To look at it another way.....the username and password are certificates of authenticity. Only the sender and receiver will have these certificates. These certificates will not grant the admin of PBBans access to your game server in any way. These certificates will also not grant you access to the repository ftp in any way. They are merely a "handshake".


Is it still fuzzy? Did I clear it up....or did I dip your head in a mudpuddle?

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Let me try Bob.


www.pbbans.com does not have access to your FTP account for your server. The password you are putting inside your pbconfig is for access to the repository.


with this password and username that you choose, which is different from your root ftp password. The repository will recognize your server from everones elses.


That is it.

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lol Bob, if that were true, then he could FTP into our server too, since he has the same password we have. LMAO... :P


I dunno who thinks this, but if you are reading, that's a big no.


The password is just between the PB of your server and our Repository software. It lets them talk to each other, It doesn't even use FTP, its using UDP.

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