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What is visible in a screenshot?


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Hey all,

I'm not an admin for any server, and this may not be the correct place to ask this question but I thought Id try.

If you are playing on a system that has dual monitors and on not on fullscreen, does the screenshot pick up whats behind your game on your monitor? Does not using the primary monitor have any affect?

I have just had some issues on a couple of servers and have a little privacy concern there.

Thanks for any info.

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In regards to privacy concerns, Punkbuster is an invasive tool that checks your system and returns data to Evenbalance and servers that you connect to. You accepted this when you installed it. Because of this, it's wise not to have anything with sensitive information open when you are gaming. IE, don't have an Excel file with all of your passwords open while you're in a game server. While it is not the intent of Punkbuster to screenshot your desktop, it is possible.

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