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(BF2) Violation (AIMBOT) #50093


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Hey there, I ve noot been played BF2 for a while because I was in my vacations, today just came back, try to connect to a server but after 10- 5 secs PB auto-kicks me with an error "Violation (AIMBOT) #50093" I ve never used any hacks of any game that ive got (BF2, BF2142, CoD4), then I just decited to check my GUID in pbbans, and my GUID is not in the MBI, so I dont know how to resolve this, can anyone help please?,

Thanks, Kronoss

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This guid has been globally banned by EvenBalance ands as such we cant do anything about that here at PBBans.


I suggest you submit a trouble ticket with EvenBalance by following this link


Evenbalnace Trouble Ticket


and requesting information regarding this ban from them.


The ban cannot be appealed here or at any other cheat site due to it being a direct ban from Punkbuster.


Good luck.



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