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1.1.1 FFOW Server Streaming Fix


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May apply to all versions of FFOW, not sure.


After having set-up streaming status on my dedicated box for FFOW I went to my account management here at PBBans and added my FFOW server to stream.

Everything went great ran pb_sv_uconlist all was well.

So I went to server and gamed while waiting for the server to stream, after about 20-30 minutes server just hung right at the point that I was supposed to cap a point never change to blue for me just stayed full red bar. I couldn't get in vehicles or do any thing like cap a computer buy holding E.

I disconnected from game server and tried rejoining but got server unavailable message.

I went to kiff's rcon tool and refreshed players to get a disconnected from server message.

I then checked TCAdmin and server said it was running checked Task Manager on box and it had an instance of FFOW still running.

Restarted server and as soon as it tried to stream again same issue occured, I did this about 5-6 times before I went looking for issue.



FFOW requires a file that for some reason dosn't get checked for in pbsetup when you update you server pb.


At PunkBuster FFOW Software Updates they give a fairly simple walk through of how to implement the file available under


For Admins Filename: pbsecsv.htm


Hope this is of assistance for some!

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