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Hey guys what's up...i play SOF II and I've never cheated on there...up until a lil over a yr ago i didn't even know u could cheat on there. Maybe i'm just naive but either way, the error message i get is: "GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN c7aa7562". i have updated the game and the pb itself and as i said i don't cheat. As far as telling u what my guid is, i wouldn't have a clue. I have no idea about programming or anything. i know that gui stands for general user interface but i assume it's something slightly different. would the "c7aa7562" be my guid? if so, have at 'er. My aliases i use in the game r s4nt4_kill4, Capt. Ray Gill, and my girl uses m1ss_th4ng. Hopefully u can help...i liked playing on the PB servers because of wall hackers and whatever other forms of cheating there r...there alot of times while i'm playing and ppl know i'm coming b4 i get there. I guess that's what ur trying to prevent.

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Your GUID c7aa7562 is not on the PBBans MBi ( Master Ban index ) but is globally banned by PunkBuster.


PunkBuster issues global guid bans directly and as such you will need to open a trouble ticket with them.


Trouble Ticket Link


I suggest you try and include as much relevant information in your ticket as you can. Responses normally take between 24 - 48 hours but may be longer in some cases.


Good luck.



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