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Streaming troubles


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Well I got 2 Vegas 2 servers added to PBBans. None of them want to stream. Followed the steps to a "T" but seems it cannot connect for streaming. So I smitted a ticket to Trinity serves for them to update pb with the "pbsetup.exe" so that is done and out of the way. I have had problems in the past with updating pb manually with trinity hence on why I sent them the pbsetup.exe for them to do it on their end. I hope they are not blocking the streaming process.


Am I suppose to add something to the pbsvlog.cfg files? This is what's in them now:


pb_sv_LogUser "xxxx" //[remote_log_username]

pb_sv_LogAddr "rep.punksbusted.com" //[remote_log_address]

pb_sv_LogPort 24422 //[remote_log_port]


I have deleted the pbsvlog.cfg file because it makes no sense.(this was in the pb folder before hand using vegas 1 universal.cfg package from flyboy)


If an Admin has the time (it would probably only take 10 minutes) I could give him SCE TS info and server info (remote login info) . IRC is a good idea to talk to Admins but slow.



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PS i Screwed up on one of the servers added to our account management with a wrong port #. Could i delete it and do that server again with the proper port#?


Thanks again.

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Thank-you Rodeo and Fox. That was quick, up and running in no time flat. i will see if others are interested in streaming within SCE, it was shocking to find out that one out of several servers were streaming.


Now it's 3/7. See if I can get the #'s alittle higher. Thanks again you two.

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