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A little while ago we (t3k) had PBBans running on our Call of Duty 4 server. After that one of our members found out he could not play on our server anymore. When I asked about this, unfortunately, the community made me a little angry with the way support was given. Mainly because this player was a trusted player and the community was saying that he was a cheater and that I was "harboring" cheaters in my clan. I have recently heard him confess to cheating. PBBans was very useful in assuring us that no cheaters were getting in (including our own friends).


First off, I would like to apologize for my posts when I left PBBans. I was wrong about the topic and I got a little angry. The person in the topic is no longer an issue. I would link to the thread, but it is in the server admins area, and I removed our CoD4 server from PBBans.


Secondly, since PBBans did its job, I would like to reapply our CoD4 server, and apply to have our BF2142 server streaming. However, the apply button does not allow me to apply again. It says "Error: You have already applied for admin status.". If there is any way our clan can rejoin PBBans, we would be very grateful.


Thank you in advance for any help you can offer,

bmlbytes and the rest of the -t3k- Clan

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