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Ok I know he hacks 100% sure no doubt in my mind He runs a hacking SITE ,Has screenshots of him hacking in game and exploits .Has hacks on his site and tells people to use them and he uses them!


I do not habe a PB SS of him because he does not play in our server..

I do have SS of his site his hacks and I have screenshots of him hacking (from his site)

Also i have his cd hashes and other players in his clan!


How do you want me to report him...I can send you an url of everything you need if you like ..But i did not want to post a url without permission..

So if you want the url with all the SS and cd hashes please let me know or allow me to give you guys a link!

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Everything is on his site heres the link read this its sick what he is doing to my clan...he uses our tag recuits members and tells them where to get hacks..



every screenshot is there and all the info you need is there!





This SS was taken from his site and him bragging how he does it and teh hack he is useing..

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A very late post i know, there are alot of map exploits in the DC MoD as i am sure you might be or not be aware of. The image you show there is not a hack, its a map exploit to get under the floor. We are very vidulant in our team in spotting these and we ban the player for ever on our server after taking a SS and mentioning they have been caught.


The example you show is not a PB hack its a local map exploit really, just stay away from their server as there are plenty of other servers out there where players play this game for fun without any cheating or map exploits in use.

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It looks like your "friend" saw he was being linked from PBBANs, and took the post and screenshots down. Can't see em any more. :(


However, if you cut and paste the link for the jpeg into your browser, you can view it. I'm attaching it for posterity.






It's always a good idea not to link directly from the pbbans forums. People will KNOW we are watching if you do.

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