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banned clan member


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first of all let me introduce myself, i am from the SOLO-ELITE clan or =S*E=

i am a council member and senior member of 10 years in this clan, one of our cod4 members has a flaw on his pb record, its aimbot 50104, he was globally banned because of this, he sent in a ban lift request and was denied, this happened back in march and has since been involved in scrims and matches for our cod4 wing.....now i can sit here and spend all day defending him on this issue not only because i have known him for years but we as a clan do not allow cheaters of any sort in our clan,but that wouldnt prove anything to anyone, so my concern is...is this a known issue that some players have been falsely accused of, some sort of a pb bug? i would like more information concerning this matter please....thank you

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The player did not appeal the ban here at PBBans so we have no information regarding the TT submitted. I have advised him to do appeal here in another thread.


EB have also not advised us as yet that this violation # is a false positive or invalid.


Until we get advised otherwise by EvenBalance themselves we consider every violation valid and will therefore ban for it.


At this stage we have 984 #50104 bans for CoD4 on the MBi.


I hope this information is helpful to you and your clan.



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thank you for your timely response....this bothers me in the purest form as this drags our clans integrity through the mud, i hope some sort of resolve comes of this and clears the names of the innocent who have been caught up in this, SOLO-ELITE thanks all of you for your understanding of this situation

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Please feel free to look at his ban and do the research yourself on the IP address history and names used. If a GUID was stolen it would not have usually been by someone using the same IP addresses that were associated with his account before the ban and using his same name. However any thing is possible we will wait for the response from EB.

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