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[08.05.2004 12:59:54] VIOLATION (GAMEHACK) #89001:??


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hi ppl, ive not seen this game code b4, the guy has added this to his post in my forum:


"I would like to set the record straight and let u all know that punkbuster picked up a game hack cheat, but it wasn`t on sof2 but virtual pool 3. its a hack to stop idiots comin into ur room an spoilin ur game on gamespy arcade. Can anyone find out why pb picked this up? he does join through gsa an if anyone wants to see the file i will be happy to send it to them"


i have done a google search and a lot of rtcw-et players have been pb'ed with this code, is he talking rubbish or shall i just add him to the banlist ???

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