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ETQW Competetion player wanted


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Enemy Territory:Quake Wars Competition Player Wanted


First off, please refrain from spamming this thread, but do post friendly comments. Thank you.



Team: Team ETQW , HeXagon eSports

Web: http://www.hex-esports.net/

IRC: #hex-esports.net @ Qnet

Founder, HeXagon eSports: krukan6


History: Team ETQW HeXagon eSports was started by Mystically (NOR) when the game came out in co-op with HeXagon eSports

During the first time we played 6vs6 and 4vs4 in Vanilla mode at ESL, QWL. After, including my self took a break from the team and many did not join back in. I did and we are now with an 4vs4 lineup with 3 of our old guys including me. We are an pretty strong lineup, but due to real life it happens we just don't have the possibility to play the scheduled evenings as planned. So, for that reason we seek a 5th player who can fill the gap and make us have a steady pace forward to our goals and make the practice/ officials go as planned every time.



HeXagon eSports are now recruiting for our ETQW team.

We are looking for competition players who are above 18 years of age, have other interests, but can afford 3 evenings a week to play at least 2 hours, even up to 3 hours regarding of officials etc.


Team Roster:

  • hugin
  • ZonO
  • Falk3n
  • Blixtbob
  • You

We want you to be:

  • Reliable
  • Nice
  • Mature
  • Have match play knowledge/ experience or at least a level laying on the fact you play more ETQWPro Mod than Vanilla pubs.
  • Have the knowledge of match play, if not, you will be rejected.
  • Have Ventrilo and IRC
  • Have necessary computer hardware
  • Are not younger than 18 (no exceptions made)
  • Are from Scandinavia, UK, Not required but you should be in GMT+1 timezone
  • Can be available 3 evenings a week, 2-3 hours.

We offer:

  • Hight tech match server, very well maintained
  • Updated homepage with active forum.
  • Ventrilo server
  • Mature, motivated staff
  • Active IRC channel
  • Skill level at Med-/+ (atm...)


  • Play active in ladders and leagues
  • Develop 4-5 player team who can beat any team in our group/ league
  • Be the best we can with the time we give it, with no jeopardizing real life, family, friends GL/ BF etc.

Contact info/options:


Background of HeXagon e-Sports:

HeXagon e-Sports where founded in Aug 2004 by krukan6.

HeXagon e-Sports have won e few big events trough the time such as the ClanBase CoD:UO OpenCup in 2005, and a few GTR2 tournaments.

And more since then, but i am not updated on that part.

More on our web site: http://www.hex-esports.net/



Hope to hear from you soon



HeXagon eSports

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  • 2 weeks later...

HeXagon Team ETQW is resigning from the ETQW scene due to lack of players, we have for a long time now tried to get the 5th player and all off a sudden we lost our 4th player. The 3 remaining will debate to play for another team. This will be decided later this weekend. To bad, but struggling to get all 4 of us to play on a steady pace have proved itself to be hard when RL kicks in.


To those who read the first post and found it interesting, disregard that as we do not longer exist as an ETQW team for HeXagon eSports.



Team ETQW, HeXagon eSports

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