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Minor problem?


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I have been streaming here for close to a year, and have noticed a minor problem with the system. It's not huge, and seems to be a fairly rare. Though I am not sure there is anything that can be done about it.


A couple people (over the time I have been here) have come to me saying they were wrongfully banned, of those, 1 I think a possibility, the rest, i don't know. When I look at the bans I immediately see something out of the ordinary. For instance the ban for this guid 3c6f1567. (and no this isn't a well u should unban him request, those u won't get from me) (And I don't want to look though my ban list atm to find an other also like this where 1 ip is from another country and that is the banned one but there are a couple)


I happen to know this person, he doesn't live in Canada, and I believe the screen shot is not a name he is currently using. Not sure if someone stole his cdkey or if some one got lucky on a key gen or even if PB screwed up. Could even be a combination of any of those three.


Again not asking to unban this guy, the guy you have here definitely hacks, but the guy I know whom has the same guid does not.


Again, not 100% sure if anything can be done about this, but wanted to bring it to your attention that some innocent people are probably getting banned. (much less then 1% would be my guess if I had to guess)

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If someone get's their cd-key stolen or keygenned, there's nothing PBB nor EB can do about it...

Unbanning isn't an option, since together with the innocent person, also the cheaters using the key will be unleashed.


For example for CoD 4 there are very many such scams... Some disguise themselves as hacks, some call themselves lvl-55-cheats or whatever else comes to mind. And many SoF2 copys are being sold with keys, that were generated with keygens and banned.

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