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CoD: WW Crash/Error Support!


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Ok, I got alot of questions from people how to fix the Crashes/Errors, so i decided to post what i know here.


Error #1: d3xdx9_37.dll can't be found.


It's simple.

You will have to download the "DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer" and execute it.

Just install and you'll be able to play!


Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer


And a big thanks to Weetsie who told me how to.


Error #2: Unhandled Exception


Ok, this one i'm not sure of, but you can try.

The error seems to be caused by programs running on the background.

One oh them is Xfire.

Try to close all unnecesairy programs that are running and launch the game again.


Or If you are using Vista:

Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Double-click Speakers -> Advanced -> Set Default format to 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality) -> ok



Error #3:server authentication failure


For this error, you need to update your server list.

The UI shows it updated while it actually isn't, it's still updating while you're trying to join a server.


Just click the "Refresh" button and white untill your are sure it has been updated completely.


Error #4: Black Screen


This error is caused your Graphic Drivers dont run properly.

Do the same as desribed at "Error #1", download and install this.


Error #5: ATI Driver Failing


Go to your Systemtray and right click Volume Control

Click Playback Devices

Go to your Advanced Settings and change settings to 24bit 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)


All credits for this one go to macker33 ;)




These are the most common Errors.

Feel free to post any other Errors and Solutions than I have.



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