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Hello From The {SARs} clan


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Hello All,


I am dropping by to say hi and let you know I feel you guys are doing a great job. I am with the {SARs} (Stupid Asses Running w/ Scissors). We are an America's Army clan that currently has 24 members with an average Fragrate of 1.75.Currently we are ranked #243 (out of 1497 clans) overall and #4 (out of 82) on the Bridge SE map according to the AAO Tracker). Our server ip is and is an Official server that is registered with AASA. I have posted on our forums for our server admins to register here so we can pass on information any info on hackers that we catch. That way we can make sure that it is passed on to as much of the gaming community as possible. Feel free to stop by our forums and say hi. Our web page is http://www.aasarsclan.com.



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