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Allied Intent BF2 mod


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This is the best mod I have found so far. Ton of new toys, ton of new maps, Standard maps are more polished and detailed. The random cone of fire is gone, so guns actually shoot where you point. They just released a map pack with a lot of remade BF1942 maps. http://aixtended.com/mappack.html One of the maps is Easter island from BF1942 and you battle it out in biplanes with a coral sea feel. Its also a single player/ co-op mod. So if there are no multi player servers open you can test it against bots, hasn't been an issue thus far has been 5-8 servers full with people usually. The bots are pretty intelligent if you look at then in the crosshair they move side to side and each seem to do their own thing, they also will revive you unlike countless newbs in EA pubs. ITs totally worth a download and its free, so cant beat the price tag.

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