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Anyone know what pb is going to about the lag cause by pb in the new united offense expansion pack? How long are they going to use the cod pb before they update? Also a noobie question, why does pb restrict your r_gamma? On my old ass monitor I need it at least on 1.4 in sof2 I have it on 1.7 until I can get a new monitor one of these days. Also pb restricts cg_fov to 80. I can see if maybe someone has theres higher than 100 but I would like cg_fov 90. Most games like ut2004 etc.. fov comes with 90 default.




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There are some things within PB that does cause a load on the server...though no more so than they did in the standard COD. The issue were seeing with UO seems to be related in part to the net code and not directly PB. We've been over this topic a great many times over at IWNation.com. I'll see if I can find some of the suggestions from various threads over there.


sv_maxrate 25000

sv_maxping 100

com_hunkmegs 300

sv_pb_cvarwalk 0

If you have not already done this you should because it will reduce most lag issues that are client side.

Pull open the console and type in /rate.  If this number is not 25000 and you have a cable/dsl (fast) connection you will get lag at points.  Type in /rate 25000 to set it properly.

This is also what the connection speed setting does in the join server menu.  Its important this is set correctly otherwise you probably will experience lag at times

There is also the command /com_hunkmegs

The default is 128. This means cod:uo is using 128 mb of ram for itself.

It should be set to around 1/2 or 2/3 of your RAM.

For example: I have 512 mb of DDR ram, so I set my com_hunkmegs to 350.

It made a huge difference on my computer and my friends computers.

There was a nother post as well that spoke of lowering the PB settings...as in times and such but I can't seem to find it at the moment.

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