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Getting Kicked for Pb Init Failure


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When i play start a game online normally on one of Gamingsa's servers it appears to be fine, then if i kill someone the Punkbuster kicks me for Pb Init failure or if i dont kill someone after 1 minute or so it reads:


PB Client in Distress - Cannot Authenticate with PB server (C2154)


Then it kicks me after serveral warnings with PB init Failure


I have updated using pbsetup 3.4 with

Client version: (v2.154 l A1356)

Server version: (v1.699 l A1356 l C2.154)


I Uninstalled then reinstalled PB and FFOW 3 times but no luck


I get kicked for 0 minutes so i can rejoin and get kicked again and again...


Any help would be appreciate:)

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ok people my mate helped me out and its because of VISTA = evil

I deleted the pb folders manually in all the three places it is installed into from ffow then updated via pbsetup.exe

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