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I have been denied a 'team' account on the basis that our website has no roster or forums.


We don't really intend to have any forums (certainly anything that is publicly accessible), our community is very much teamspeak based and has been since the days of mohaa. Furthermore as we have no fixed roster (being a hodge-podge collection of old farts that have little interest in competitive play these days), I doubt one will ever be drawn up.


Do I understand things correctly, in that we are unable to use your pbbans hub service unless we have such a team account?


It seems a bit silly to deny your service to an active group of players, just because they don't follow some convention of what a website 'should be'


I hope I am mistaken in my understanding of your denial of account, and that we are able to use your much needed and valuable service without a 'Team Account'.


Please advise.

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PBBans greatly values all current and potential future users of our services. In the past, we did allow clans/groups to stream to us without having a roster on their website. Due to some recent events, we had to intensify our security procedures and began really scrutinizing every application to stream. This isn't something new for the anti-cheat sites others have the same rules and requirements.


Is it difficult to add a full roster to your website? We can definitely offer you some advice in how to get it sorted and setup to stream to us in no time flat ;)

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Thanks for your reply and for you offer of help.


It is not for want of aid that there is no roster on our site, it is for want of a 'membership'.


We are not a 'CLAN' that wear tags and play in leagues and ladders. Our community is made up of old friends and clanmates from years gone by. We are more like an old folks home of ex-clan types. There's maybe 80-100 regulars that pop in and out around family/jobs etc.


Our site www.h3ro.co.uk is simply there to provide statistical info on the game and TS server. We have no login/member system, simply because there is no need or call for one. A forum would never get used.


I suppose if you wanted to see who is a regular then a look at the server stats page would most likely serve as a kind of 'roster'.


It seems a shame that a valuable service such as yours should be dependant on something as arbitary as a website roster, mostly because it means we will never be able to use it, however I can understand why you would wish to prevent missuse of your system.


I can only hope that you will have a closer look at our application and come to the rightful conclusion that we are sincere in our intent and only seek to keep our servers and time clear of cheats.






*edit* if it helps... I can arrange for a 'reference' from folks that know us well e.g. game server providers and the like.

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Unfortunately, despite doing all I can (short of faking a roster, which honesty prevents me from doing) it would seem that I cannot meet your criteria for inclusion to your bans system.


If you ever decide to allow non-clanbased servers into things, I will no doubt re-apply.



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