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cvar limitations


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on clientside, is anyone actually limiting the type of cvar commands that players are freelyallowed to change?


for example:


in sof2, cl_pitchspeed has to be above 50


in cod, no such limit is given when I put /cl_pitchspeed in the console. It only gives me the default "140"


now if I were to change mine down to 0, it would drastically reduce my recoil in weapons such as the psh or the m44.


I have talked twl cod admins and they haven't a clue really. Can anyone answer this for me????

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personally i would say the ranges would be similar to other q3 based engine games. Take a look at rtcw, et, sof2 and look at the limitations of those games. I would say that pitchspeed should be similar.

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