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DAM nobody play this?


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I have it and I had four popular servers online for two months. I am awaiting them to update it with a patch still. They released and then pulled off the market the 1.2 patch. Although pb fixed some problems from what i've heard and has a update on their end that may have fixed some cd key issues (I hope). Seeing as most servers are running the 1.1 version of it and it generates a new guid everytime you change maps it's kinda hard to generate a banlist based on guids for that game. I will test the pb update this weekend on one of my farcry servers and see if my guid stays the same over the course of the weekend. If it does we can start compiling a list of guids. Although in the 2 months i ran the servers I only had bans for name stealing, nothing cheat releated at all so far.

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They are currently offline until I update pb to the newest recent release. Which I planned on trying tomorrow afternoon. They will be back online by tomorrow evening at around 6pm.


The ips are listed on my website at http://www.cpgaming.com

but as I stated offline until tomorrow. If you want to test out the 1.2 version I have that availble for download also. As I have 2 1.1 and 2 1.2 servers for farcry.

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