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strange hub message


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Hi guys,

Got a question about something weird.

We have pb streaming on 3 servers at this point.

Now a member of the group got the following message ingame

Console: Wet-Sand is In tha HOUSE !

we know it wasnt one of our members screwing around, and when we checked the pblogs we found the following:

PB UCON "pbbanshub"@ [say ^7|^5PBBHub^7| ^1Clanmember ^7: Wet-Sand is In tha HOUSE !]

This player was actualy in the server. Is it possible that this person did this? or are we seeing ghosts right here???

I know for a fact that no admin from the group putt the command in there as there are only two people having acces to it.

All info including screeny, video, guid and ip present.


Hope u guys can make it a little clearer to us!!!


Grtx BlackRaven from {ubb}

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