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Need a little help


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I applied for streaming around 6-7 month ago but I got rejected because my server fail to respond. Now I have moved to another host and I try to apply for it again but I just can't. I got this "You have already applied for admin status but your application was denied."


I already change my server information. What do I have to do next?


Our server IP is

Now running BF PR 0.856


Sorry for my bad English!

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I can delete the original application to allow you to apply again but before I do that may I have a link to your server provider please? The address of the server resolves to a CAT Telecom which looks to me to be an ISP ( even though the site language is Thai.)


Please note our ToS

Which reads in part:


1. Terms & Definitions


1.1 Game Server - A game server shall be defined as a network server running a program that acts as a hub for clients to connect to for the purpose of interaction. For the purposes of clarification, PBBans will only allow streaming from dedicated servers and not from LAN or personal computers.


If the server is hosted at a datacentre or similar I will remove the original application so as to allow you to apply again.



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