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Punkbuster: Punkbuster client not connected to a server.

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Hi, I'm playing TC:E version 0.48, a total conversion mod for ET 2.55. I get Punkbuster: Punkbuster client not connected to a server when I try to play. This happened today, never happened before and I've been playing it for two years on and off and recently started being more active (two months ago).


We had an important scrim today as well, which I missed because of this, and they needed me. I've tried reinstalling, I've tried updating/deleting then reupdating. I'm admin, I've shut down any anti virus/adware/malware scanners I had running still no go.


A friend just sent me his pb folder, let's see if that does the trick.


[EDIT] Nope, it didn't. THis is getting rather annoying now. I need my daily dose of TC:E, keeps my mind off smoking. The more I'm without TC:E, the more I smoke. Please help me for the sake of my health! :P


I've sent a ticket as well, but I doubt it will help because from the google results I've got, no one who has had this problem has been able to fix it. Or he fixed it and didn't post an update on how he did it (stupid farkers who does that.).


[EDIT#2] I just saw that I get a warning when I enter a server, here's the exact warning.


WARNING: PB kicks for Non-standard Characters and Level 1 PB Restrictions on this Server.


I changed my name, no luck.


[EDIT#3] Someone was kind enough to tell me the message he saw when I was kicked by PB.


"Unknown windows API Function [131152]"


[EDIT#4] Found the problem. It was Windowsblinds. Just unload Windowsblinds and you're fine.

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