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ban :s


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http://www.pbbans.com/forums/viewtopic.php...p?p=15127#15127 its goin about this ban i know its a while ago but i never realised it was on here i am SwA008 ye but i didnt hack :? i had a cracked cd key and i borrowed the key from my m8 and played with it in the vacation my m8 had to stay a whole week at my place cuz his parents were on a trip and my girlfriend came to me and i went upstairs with her my m8 was playing and he sucked i heard him yelling and he probably downloaded a hack and he got banned you caught him i hope you believe me i have a person (an admin on pbbans.com) (email addy removed by Depetris) that can say its true he knows me pretty well and he knows it wasnt me plz unban me you can ask him for info but i swear it aint me :( its just my whining friend :roll:

now i have a good key and guid i even got myself off mybumleaks i caught the person that stole my guid ask sfinks he got a screenshot

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I know you swa, but the other admins don't. You will have to convince them with good evidence that you are innocent. Maybe someone else can help you out by telling what to do. I said to go to the forums of pbbans wich you did, so now you will just have to wait what the others will say.

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1. I don't support key generated cd keys for games. Those are generally globally banned nowadays by pb directly. To complain about a global ban you need to go to http://www.evenbalance.com and use their support ticket system... Don't expect them to lift a global ban for using a generated key.


2. If that is your guid on the banlist then you need to get a new guid by "BUYING" a copy of the game. As that ban is valid and is not getting lifted. Your sharing of keys and your moving about issues are your own not ours. The catch is for that guid and it's for a valid multihack that is not arguable in any way. And the ip though not yours is awfully close to it. It is not pbbans job to protect your cd key it is yours so If you get a new cd key (BY PURCHASING A COPY OF THE GAME) you should take care to keep it to yourself. As getting banned from a friends using it could very easily happen.


3. If you have a new cd key that isn't banned then why should we lift that ban?


4. I'm not unbanning you for this excuse.


5. What I will do for you since you ip doesn't match that on the ban, is not to list you here publicly as a cheater. But in my eyes since you used a fake key and admitted to it and also admitted that your guid is banned on our list for a valid pb catch you are one.

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i have new key and guid but peeps keep on bugging me with this pbban it freaks me out and i am not on mybumleaks i just been removed since i proved it wasnt me but still on this pbban stuff :s pff dont care jsut leave it man f*ckin whinesh*t :mad:

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Nice of you to show your true side. You may have/ had not cheated, but the intellect of your recent post wont help your cause.



IF u proved to the 'other' site it wasnt u, how come u cant prove to us it wasnt u? :?:

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SwA008.....I could care less who you are but your comments show me your true colors. Now, why in the hell would be unban a GUID that was caught by PunkBuster with a valid violation and is also a leaked cd-key.

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all your managing to do with your ramblings is to make your friend sfinks look bad.


You aren't directly answering anyones questions about why we should lift the ban.


You aren't doing the proper thing and appealing it with valid reasons why it should be lifted.


You are making unverified claims of how a ss of someone should prove it wasn't you. (a ss doesn't prove anything as it doesn't show the ip of the person in the shot and there is no way it would verify your statements)


Give us a break or appeal the ban properly and stop trying to make your "friend" sfinks look bad here.

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