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To all IRC #pbbans users


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As for late, our #pbbans channel is busier than ever, with that said we do get a lot of convos going at peek times and many users log on to get help of any kind regarding PBBans.

This has get us to the point that some idlers in the channel, SGA's or regular members have more or less 'hijacked' some convos when pbweb users or IRC client users want help, and PBBans Staff or Admins are trying to help them out. This is, all good to the point when you get some user that cant see the differences between helping out and spamming the channel.

If an PBBans Staff/ Admin is addressing a user, leave it. If the problem do not get solved, by all means help out, but do know the difference between helping out or not, in other words use common sense and some courtesy.


It have at times been that everything you say get commented and make the channel more or less polluted, this will stop, now.

I will do this pretty simple, if it don't stop, I will warn one time, then kick, then ban you from the channel and you have to apply on the forums to get in again.

But I cant see it will go down that road at all, will it now? ;)


So, to summarise it all:

Channel users are welcome to help when Staff or Admins are not available and they know the answer to the asked question, or when the question is game-specific and not PB-related. But one should always let PBBans Staff do their job when it comes to PBBans' policies, services, and appeals or ban-related matters.


So do help out, do chat, but when a user, pbweb or IRC client do need help, stop spamming and let the channel be what it is supposed to be, a channel where PBBans Staff/ Admins/ SGA's provide help regarding all matters with PBBans, PB Software and other game specific matters.



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