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Master Ban Index search options


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i wanted to know if there could be a search/refining tool for the MBI. would be nice to have more options for searching through ban list, i play a total conversion mod of Wolfenstein ET called True Combat: Elite, and wading through hundreds of ET bans is kind of hard to do- i keep missing some.


my question/idea is to see if having more search options like *by server* or is there a way to have some kind of filter for *detecting what mod* the ban is for.


Wolfenstein ET has 50000 bans so it has many many bans happening all the time, i understand its low priority for you but its something to think about if its not too difficult.


thank you,



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hi and thanks for the responses,


i think if you have a search function by server which caught the ban and maybe even have lists of servers for rss or on favorites list to be emailed updates or anything to narrow the query.


***edit***- i see a server ip search function, this is what i was hoping to see, maybe a way to 'add to favorites' would be a useful idea (or rss or email notification as stated above)- not sure so post what you think, anyone with an opinion


i was doing searches through 'server tag' and had to jiggle with caps and characters again to find a server i been using for years lol, maybe have option of "exact match" or "contains any" characters for search functions at least for the areas where really odd methods of spelling and bracketing names


searching by guid in WolfensteinET is pointless because guid's are free and infinite, i guess if you have the guid and find the ban entry you can re-search the ip associated with that guid then you can find other previous bans, but then again it would be a nice feature if this was automatic- again replies would be nice


IP's are not always available to the common player to reference, unless maybe you are checking for your own :P but i can see the server-side usefulness of this


checking by alias is even more useless because there are many custom characters that are not easily apparent such as colored letters which look like ^7N^2am^8e, or net-speak which looks like n3t-5p34k which is hard to remember from being on a server with a guy 4 minutes ago and pair this with the hindered guid in wolfensteinET and its almost always a dead end


i have been doing the server tag search then copying IP of name, searching IP, then clicking on guid of listed guid's and violations, and finally clicking link to mpi to see all alias' and violations (as i like the way its displayed with economy in mpi)

*****edit*****actually more steps than i needed to take, i thought i needed the IP search to find all violations under different alias' and guid's and even for other games, i think clicking on guid then mpi does this right?

***re-edit*** i am noticing that some entries find more alias' connections when IP searched rather than guid, i guess not all guid's are linked with all ip's....maybe lol


well thank you again for the responses i appreciate your time and i appreciate the site and service you bring (donate!) to us :)



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