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1st Zombie Tournament in March


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If you are interested in participating in this Zombie tournament, please read the following:


These are the rules in order to participate in our AGW Zombie tournament which i am kicking off this week, March 8th - March 15th. I will try and be as brief as possible. (We dont like rules man!) but if these are not followed, you will be disqualified from the tournament. Because this is a test tournament for us, to get a feel for what kind of participation we get, i wont be giving away any prizes. This will just be for bragging rights. Maybe in the future, we will have prizes for the team reaching the highest level.


1. You must have a 4 man team. You can participate in multiple teams however, no 3 or 2 man teams will be accepted.


2. I will select a map each week for the tournament. Your submitted pic must be from that map.


3. Your screen cap must be a clear pic. I have to be able to clearly see each team members name, their scores and the level you made it to.


4. All submitted screen caps must be in prior to the deadline established.


5. There is no limit to the number of screen caps you can submit from your team for each tournament, up until the deadline. If someone posts a screen cap where they beat your latest level, you can get your team back together and play to beat that one and post a screen cap as proof.


6. Only people who are registered in the forums are ellidgeable to submit a photo. To register your team, please go to http://www.cod4modern-warfare.com/forums


That is all for now however, I may add some additional rules as this goes on.

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