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Hey all,


I have 2 programs which do 2 different things. 1 program is used for my Teamspeak server which allows me to record someones voice and add it to the program and their IP they use, for privacy reasons. And another program is that i can search someones xfire username and it shows me which server they're in. I was wondering is there anyone smart at coding out there that would know how to put these 2 programs together? I did not make these programs, a friend did for me, he has given me permission to go ahead and ask this. He has said that he is unable to do that, as he isn't smart enough. If anyone could help me out this would be much appreciated. If you are able to i have xfire, add me. And we will talk from there as i wouldn't want to be sending this program out to anyone as a friend made it specifically for me.




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