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Getting pB commands to work in the Console.


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I am having probs with getting pb commands typed into the console of my game. I do not see them being generated and run.

The game in reference is BF1942.

I typed in pb commands and they do not seem to work.What am I doing wrong.

I typed these command and did not see anything happen


pb_sv_autossfrom 10

pb_sv_autossto 20



after I entered these command I logged into my game server and download the pbsv.cfg file and saw the original lines still there. Using the writecfg command did not seem to update my cfg file.


I also tried this command


pb_sv_kick 23 2 Smacktard

where 23 is id #

2 is minutes for ban

Smacktard is reason.


It never kicked me off the server.

What am I doing wrong?

Am I supposed to have a pb admin login username and password installed somewhere?

or is being logged into my remote manager program(I use Black Bags Ops v4h) supposed to recognize me as an admin, so I can run these command?

I also logged in to the console with my username and password for the console in the game and still would not work. and yes I enabled remote console also to see if that would do it and still nothing.


Sorry to sound like a nooB at this but I am. I am trying to learn these command to better fine tune my pbsv.cfg.

I posted my cfg file earlier this week asking for help fine tuning it and did not get any responce on that.

Does any one here know how to fine tune it or what lines I should add to it and how to make these other commands work n the game console?


If needed I can repost my pbsv.cfg agin here.


Thx in advancen for the help.

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Thx for the help. But I am still having probs with PB now. It seems it is not working at all.

I have a complete list of banned names listed in the pbsv.cfg and people can still join the server with those names and not get booted from the server.

I even started a pbuser.cfg file and put in the MinName command and people can still join with only 1 letter in their name and not get warned or booted.

Do I have to put my rcon username nad passowrd in the pbsvlog.cfg for these to work correctly?


Aslo if I post my pbsv.cfg file here (minus the foul names) can someone here help me to fine tune it to make it work correctly.

I have been reading the pb manual for server admins inside out and still cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.


thx in advance for the help

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Still think it is what Dep and I talked with you about.....referencing the permissions.


You are not alone I am having the same Prob. Win XP

Also I was woundering if I should be able to see the pb_plist on my host computer screen or just on a remote server?

Your asistance would be greatly apreciated. Uncle

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