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Hello all, I have a situation that has been plaguing my clan for a few months now. There is a particular player that keeps crashing our servers. The thing is that he/she is doing it from outside the server somehow. Every time this player comes into our server they are using a different name different guild. We've banned this person several times through bf2cc by normal means and by IP, but they keep coming back. I have several screenshots of catching this person through name hack buster and the several different names and tags they use come back to the same gamespy name. Heatherbattlequeen, is the gamespy name. Another thing I noticed is that whenever this person is in our server, there is a gap in the chat logs during the time that person is in the server. We confronted him/her once and when I went back to view the logs, it was like the chat had never happened, even our scrolling server messages didn't show up in the log. I am in the process of starting the streaming process, we had changed providers and never restarted streaming. Does anyone have any idea how we could catch this person since they are spoofing everything? Is there any program that we could use to ban this person outside the normal means? The screenshots could be posted up if it would help. Thanks in advance



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If the person is within some kind of IP range, you could ban the subnet of IP's. Not sure if you can actually do it with PB itself, but I know when you're streaming here, you can ban the IP subnet from your server.

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PB_SV_BanMask [iP Address / Subnet Mask]

Permanently bans players from joining the server from the specified IP Address / Subnet Mask; for example: issuing PB_SV_BanMask "12.34." will cause PB to deny access to all players trying to join from an IP Address that begins with "12.34."; These bans are written to the pbbans.dat file just like bans issued with the PB_SV_Ban command


Essentially probably at least the first two of the ip stay the same then subnet mask may work.

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