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Important Announcement: Repository Auto Parsing


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Today I'm formally announcing that Autmatic Parsing of the Repository logs is now ongoing!


What this means is that Bans will be pulled from the logs streamed to PBBans, and automatically added to the banlist, every 24 hours.


This is still in a beta stage, and therefore I ask that everyone continue to submit bans manually until such time as we are sure no bans are slipping through. There are still some games which we are skipping MD5 and CVar bans until we can program those sections.


Eventually, however, for those streaming, manual submission of bans will no longer be necessary! :D


This is yet another reason to get your servers streaming to the PBBans repository.

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The two recent SoF2 have some issues.


1. The z_nofog.pk3 one is intended to go on a watchlist...not the MBI (that is why it is in the md5tool check)


2. The other has the slot listed in the Extra Info block.....and doesnt provide the value of the errordecay. (Keeping in mind that some values are not bannable)


Just some growing pains.....glad it is working though.

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BTW Bob, I checked the original log for that cg_errordecay ban, and that's exactly what PB reported, no value... So i don't know what that means, but at least the parser didn't screw up...

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