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Yes sir I can help you out here. Inside your pb folder on your server add a file and call it "spam.cfg" and place this inside it the restart your server.(Obviously you will need to change the messages) Notice that the pb_sv_task is set up as 1 = 100 and so on. You do not have to use the same amount I have in my server. You can also add more by adding "pb_sv_task 7 700 say" Message and so on.


// PsB Streaming Server Admin Configs for CoD4 v1.02


// spam.cfg - PB tasks to send messages to server visitors and keep your server streaming


// PunksBusted: www.punksbusted.com


// PB server admin manual: http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/cod-ad/index.htm

// PB player manual: http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/cod-pl/index.htm



// Reloads the ban list hourly, useful if you're using Auto-MBL

pb_sv_task 60 3600 pb_sv_load reloadbans.cfg



//streaming should never stop with that task

pb_sv_task 1 86400 pb_sv_ver



//Broadcast your config version every 15 minutes

pb_sv_task 1 100 say XTREMEEAGLES.NET We are Recruiting

wait 30

pb_sv_task 2 200 say Join Ventrilo for a Better Gaming Experience

wait 30

pb_sv_task 3 300 say Vent IP port 8397

wait 30

pb_sv_task 4 400 say Our Servers BAN for Blank PB Screenshots

wait 30

pb_sv_task 5 500 say Visit Forums to Fix Blank PB Screenshots

wait 30

pb_sv_task 6 600 say Visit Our Other Server at






// PB_SV_Task [X] [Y] [command]

// Adds a task to PB's Task List; The Task will be executed X seconds after entry and

// every Y seconds thereafter; use -1 for Y if a one-time task is desired


Hope this helps you out sir. /O

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