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Im Being Kicked =/


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failure:PnkBstrB.exe driver failure (PnkBstrK.sys)ffab


It has said to reinstall pb, which i have done. I have deleted all pb files, then updated them again. Then when I reinstall PB it gets to this part and then stops every time:


Checking user is Administrator OK

Checking Administrator privileges OK

Opening Service Control Manager OK

Searching for PnkBstrA None Found - OK

Extracting PnkBstrA service OK

Verifying service authenticity OK

Installing PunkBuster service OK

Installed at "C:\Windows\system32\PnkBstrA.exe"

Checking PunkBuster service status STOPPED

Starting PunkBuster service OK

Adding firewall rule for PnkBstrA OK

Adding firewall rule for PnkBstrB OK

Installation Finished.


Please click "Next" to test the PunkBuster services.


Starting PunkBuster Service Tests (v0.987) (05/23/09 19:07:44)

Checking OS

Windows NT 6.0 (build 6001, Service Pack 1) 32-bit

Checking PnkBstrA service status RUNNING

Checking PnkBstrA Version OK (1032)

Extracting "PnkBstrB.exe" to:



Checking firewall settings OFF

Checking if PnkBstrB is running NOT RUNNING

Getting port for PnkBstrA OK (44301)

Opening socket for packet send OK

Sending version packet to PnkBstrA SENT

Receiving version from PnkBstrA OK

Received 6 bytes from

Response = 7270 (ms) Version = v1032

Getting PnkBstrB install instance NOT FOUND

Sending start packet to PnkBstrA SENT

Waiting for packet from PnkBstrA OK

Received 3 bytes from

Response = 11311 (ms) PnkBstrB started.


Watching for PnkBstrB instance change (0) CHANGED (1)

Getting port for PnkBstrB OK (45301)

Sending version packet to PnkBstrB SENT

Receiving version from PnkBstrB OK

Received 5 bytes from

Response = 2995 (ms) Version = 2110

Checking PnkBstrK driver status NOT FOUND

Extracting new PnkBstrK to:



Sending load packet to PnkBstrB SENT

Checking PnkBstrK driver status


It then stops ?


I dont know what to do. Help me please!

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