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Well as you can see in my signature there's still a Battlefield Jolt banner .... but that will soon be gone...


The time has come for an update,


We are moving away from the Jolt forums and website, and to a more dedicated site setup for the Jolt Battlefield Community.


We would like everyone who is interested to create a forum account over at http://www.fsfa.org as these forums (the battlefield forums at forums.joltonline.com) will be closed soon.


We will also be rebranding our battlefield servers to fsfa.org, the IPs will be staying the same so no need to worry there.


Why the move? as I am sure you all know by now, Jolt is no longer a GSP, as such we have decided it will be in our best interests to take the community to a new site dedicated to them and the servers. This will allow us to grow in terms of renting servers for the newer games (1943, heroes, 2142).


Over the coming week or 2 we will be implementing a lot of content into the new site, we are looking to setup a battlefield 2 ban list and stats section, this will run alongside our existing Battlefield:Vietnam stats and ban lists.


We are also introducing a new contribution scheme called member plus.


Member Plus has yet to be finalised, but it will enable people to contribute a small amount of cash each month to help keep the servers running, and expand the games we offer.


Being a supporter will give you a few extra perks, some of which are..


* Having a reserved slot on our servers

* Immunity from Idle Kicks

* Custom forum Title, and coloured name

* email account (hasnt been finalised yet)


so, once again, vists the new site http://fsfa.org and get posting.


If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, but please do so on the new site .


Thanks for reading



Deputy Head Admin BFV and Member of GameActionClan: www.gameactionclan.de



For a serverlist please click below:



Battlefield 1942 Servers


fsfa.org - BF1942 All Maps -




Battlefield Vietnam Servers


fsfa.org 1 - BF:V War is Hell -


Conquest Server - FF ON - Most maps in rotation




fsfa.org 2 - BF:V Irving -


Conquest Server - FF ON - Operation Irving Map Only (modded)




fsfa.org 3 - BF:V Hastings -


Conquest Server - FF ON - Operation Hastings Map Only

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