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CheatBusted Returns


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My name is Enforcer and I am the owner of CheatBusted.

Following a 2 year hiatus for personal reasons and after some thinking,

I am excited to announce the relaunch of CheatBusted, just in time for

Americas Army 3.


With the relaunch,CheatBusted is bringing a new attitude,a better

organization and many tools for the community and for the CheatBusted

Private Server Admins(CB-PSA), including server checks(Cvars/MD5) and

Background check.


I would like to invite all Americas Army 3 server admins to join

CheatBusted and make CheatBusted one of your reliable stops for server

checks,ban lists and admin tools.


We are looking forward to serving the Americas Army 3 community


Thank you




PBBans has enabled Log Forwarding to CheatBusted for Americas Army 3

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Thank you for the post Maydax and thank you to PBBans for their positive response


Just a small and unpleasant update:


The CheatBusted administration is sad to report an unexpected downtime in our website/forums effective June 23rd at 11pm central.


We are hoping to restore service ASAP,however we are unable to give an exact ETA.


Thank you for your understanding

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As far as our direct streamers? yes, we are.

i am actually looking at our direct streamers as we speak.


If you are encountering a problem botax, please contact me on Xfire(lovechiefs)



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A small update:


The issue comes from our host. They are supposedly having a server issue and are working on restoring.

For those of you that attempt to visit our site, please disregard what you see.

To quote our host "the full site will be restored to last night data".

So,again please disregard what you are seeing right now


Thank you

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Final update:


CheatBusted is fully back up.

The CheatBusted administration would like to apologize to PBBans,its users and any other AA players about the issue.

As indicated by pm,CheatBusted is ready to restart receiving the PBBans forwarded logs.


Thank you very much to MaydaX and to PBBans for the professionalism and cooperation.

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