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Tuesday 01.04.2005 [9:45PM]


Version 1.122 of the PB Server for SoF2 has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page.


Release Notes for PB Server v1.122:



    - when PunkBuster kicks a player, the message sent to other connected players will now show the last 4 characters of the kicked player's PB GUID after the player's name

    - new setting "pb_sv_filewhitelist [game_subfolder] [file1] [file2] ... [fileN]" can be used by PB admins to limit the filenames allowed in a specific game subfolder; this can be used in conjunction with PB's MD5Tool to check filesizes and file signatures of the allowable files



It is a new function for pb admins that was added on the January 4th pb update. Basically it allows us to limit the files in a particular folder within SoF2. For instance, if you want, you can limit the files within the osp folder to only those files that are put in there when osp is installed on the client. Then say, if someone adds in a custom pk3 file, even if we don't know the name of it, we can kick the person for having extra files in a folder we deemed that they shouldn't.


Basically, your clanmate got kicked from the server for having extra files in a particular sub-folder. Did the kick message tell him which folder or files he was kicked for? Without a specific kick violation, I can't tell you what to remove from where.

That help?

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