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kicked banned


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Major its ok you still have one clean guid you can play with...


***************000e69fcd <---- clean


These two: 02e89eb537d7fba1f07a2721e10cc952 and f20ed33f8414b98aa6f04c2e3f2bd63c have both been caught, but you can play with your clean one until either you get caught again (yawn), or you finally realise that cheating is for noobs.


Hope that helps.

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Major is a little kid that comes on everyones TS asking to join their clans.....hes the most annoying person I have ever talked too.....I just want to hang myself everytime I hear the sound of his voice :rolleyes: No major you can not join [9] and stop hacking bro


sorry to go off subject here....this kid is annoying to everyone he talks too :blink:



GG major :rolleyes:





*edited for spelling*

Edited by [9]WOLF
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